Bodrum Villa Montana
"Private Dream ,for you"
The construction of Villa Montana began in 2011 and finished at the end of the summer in 2012. It looks at the eastern side of Bodrum Peninsula.

Designed as a mansion, Villa Montana was constructed by ferroconcrete, steel and stone. The stones are limestone, the same kind of stone was used in the construction of Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul. This kind of stone is not conductive and gets extremely solid after processing. Together with its decorative feature, it is also a wonderful insulation material since it keeps the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The stones were carved by hand in a year. Highest quality marble was used in the interior parts of the mansion, and onix stone was used in most of the bathrooms. The m2 of this onix stone is 1.100 Euro in Istanbul market. It is special because it conducts light and creates a nice ambience. There are two bedrooms directly looking at the sea scenery in the façade. These rooms are connected to a dressing room and bathroom as well as a baby room with bathroom. There are 4 bedrooms in the upper floor in total and there is a corridor combining them from the façade. In the down floor, there is an open space office and a place for library. There are two guest bedrooms in the down floor and each has a bathroom. These rooms are large and comfortably spacious. The supporting system in the middle is designed as a column and its height is approximately 6 meters. The mansion has a very wide saloon looking at the sea and a very handy Italian kitchen. The kitchen also contains a food storehouse and an extra fridge. By means of the roof barisol lightening applied totally embedded, this kitchen is decorative and well-lighted.

The door facing the see is manufactured as a closed terrace for protecting it from the sun. Here, there are wide areas for sofa suite and dining tables. In front of the terrace, there is a deck combining with the pool. The pool is 120 m2. Children pool and normal pool is 140 cm. Due to the relevant law, it was constructed as 140 cm.

GARDEN: There are more than 40 trees in the garden which have grown on their own.

These are different kinds of palms, eucalyptuses, pines and figs. In the backyard, there is a 250m2 personnel house. It has three rooms in three floors and storehouses. There is an automatic garage door and there is a parking lot with canvas for 2 cars. The landscape is completed by paspalum type grass. In the backyard, there is a garden that we created. Tomato, cucumber, eggplants, mint, lettuce, pumpkin and beans grows there and it 100 m2. They are more than enough for the needs of the house. We will also plant olive trees this year.

There is an aqua park with two actions in the garden. It is used with fresh water. The other pool can be used both by sea water and fresh water. There is an infrastructure for that. Well water is used for the irrigation of the field. There are two 2000 lt fuel tanks and engines to be used from the front garden towards the dock.

BEACH: The beach is below the Villa by 165 cm and through a few steps, it is possible to reach it. There isn't any rock in the seabed, there is only soft sand. The deepness begins by 0 cm and it is safe for children.

DOCK: The dock is 120 m2, its width is 120 cm and length is 55 mt. At its end, there is a 20 m2 space. This space is hidden by a marine type box containing water, electricity, telephone and fuel pipes. The boats can be tied there and all their repairments can be practiced there. The depth of the dock is nearly 4 mt. Very big boats can be tied.


In total, 7.750m2 space is being used. The mansion is constructed at the 50th meter which is the legal distance between a construction and the sea. It has building usage certificate. (IT IS VERY IMPORTANT IN BODRUM) IT IS A LEGAL BUILDING. It also has legal infrastructure for electricity, telephone and water. Three more mansions can be constructed around its parcel, there is legal construction right. It has 67 meters of façade to the sea and 140 mt border from the sea to the land. Its surrounding is constructed by the stone. Crime rate around the area is nearly zero. It is a fairly safe place. There are residences in the area. There is no noise. The mansion is unique in Bodrum with its special beach, special dock, special pool and aqua park (among houses for sale).

IT HAS 50 KWA GENERATOR, PURIFYING DEVICE, PRESSURE PUMPS AND 9 SECURITY CAMERAS. There is a telephone central between the mansion and personnel house, high-speed internet. By means of the Wi-Fi antenna, high speed internet access is possible from the dock.

In case you have other questions, you are welcome.


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